Liftmaster Chain Drive 87802

Liftmaster Chain Drive 87802 - Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC

Liftmaster Chain Drive 87802

Heavy Duty Chain Drive Smart Opener with LED Corner to Corner Lighting™ and Battery Backup

  • Heavy duty chain drive lifts the heaviest garage doors.
  • Control, secure and monitor the garage with the myQ® app anytime, from anywhere.
  • 360° light ring uniformly brightens every corner of the garage with 2,000 lumens of long-lasting LED light.
  • Battery backup lets you get in and out when the power is down.
  • Works with Amazon Key for for convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery of Amazon packages and groceries.
  • myQ Diagnostics in the myQ app provides real-time insights for your garage door via the Health Report. Receive alerts and error codes in the app if an issue arises and connect with a professional for services if needed.​

Home Connectivity with myQ


Easily Connect

Easily connect to a home network with built-in Wi-Fi®.


Open, close, and receive alerts about garage doors on a smartphone.

Syncs With

Syncs with popular smart devices and platforms.
Visit for details.

Garage Door Opener Power - Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC


Lift Heavy Door

Lift heavy and reinforced doors in high-wind areas with the Battery Backup DC Chain drive motor.

Battery Backup

Get in and out when the power’s out with Battery Backup. Meets California SB-969.

DC Motor

Enjoy extra peace with the long-lasting DC motor.

Smooth Start

Extend hardware life and reduce maintenance with smooth start/stop operation.

I-Beam Rail

Provide maximum support with the I-beam rail system.

Reviewing the Liftmaster Chain Drive 87802: A Comprehensive Insight by Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC

Welcome to another informative post from Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC, discussing the best garage door openers for your needs. Today, we will look at the Liftmaster Chain Drive 87802, a reliable and sturdy option for your garage door.

Introduction to Liftmaster Chain Drive 87802

Liftmaster has long been a brand associated with quality and dependability, and the Chain Drive 87802 is no exception. Perfect for residential garage doors, this chain drive opener combines power, efficiency, and affordability. Here’s what you can expect from this fantastic product.

Features and Specifications


Equipped with a durable motor, the 87802 model offers reliable performance for years.


With Security+ 2.0, you can rest assured that your garage is safe from unauthorized access.


The chain drive mechanism ensures that this garage door opener will withstand the test of time.

Ease of Use

With its straightforward installation process and user-friendly design, the Liftmaster 87802 is ideal for the DIY homeowner.

Pros and Cons


  • Robust construction
  • High performance
  • Excellent security features
  • Great value for money


  • It may be noisier than belt-drive models
  • Limited extra features

Installation and Maintenance: A Good Guys Perspective

At Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC, we’ve installed and serviced countless Liftmaster Chain Drive 87802 models. Here’s what we can tell you about the experience:


The installation process is simple, but professional installation is always recommended for optimum performance and safety.


Regular maintenance is critical to the longevity of any garage door opener. The Liftmaster 87802 is no exception; our team can help keep your system running smoothly.

Conclusion: A Great Option for the Practical Homeowner

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable garage door opener, the Liftmaster Chain Drive 87802 is an excellent option. Its robust design and impressive performance make it a wise investment for any homeowner.

Still have questions? Need professional installation or maintenance? Contact us at Good Guys Garage Door Repair OKC, and we’ll gladly assist you with all your garage door needs.

Note: Always consult your garage door professional for personalized advice and service that best suits your needs. The information provided here is a general overview and may not apply to your situation.

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