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Oklahoma City (OKC), the capital of the state, is not only an epitome of metropolitan vibrancy but is also surrounded by numerous picturesque suburbs, each with its own charm and history. From the rustic beauty of Arcadia to the bustling life of Norman, let’s take a virtual tour through these suburbs, exploring what makes each of them stand out.

Arcadia: The Reservoirs and Rustic Beauty

Arcadia is often recognized for the picturesque Arcadia Lake. This suburb offers an ideal escape from city life with its tranquil surroundings and myriad recreational opportunities.

Bethany: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Bethany resonates with tradition and has evolved as a modern suburb while keeping its roots intact. Its community-centric events and schools make it a great place for families.

From Blanchard to Yukon: Diverse Landscapes

Blanchard, known for its open landscapes, contrasts with Yukon‘s Czech heritage, celebrated annually with the famous Czech Festival.

Chandler to Choctaw: Where History Meets Contemporary Life

Chandler, rich in Route 66 history, offers an old-world charm while Choctaw prides itself on its modern amenities paired with cultural festivals.

Crown Heights & Plaza District: The Trendy Pockets

While Crown Heights is an architectural delight with historic homes, the Plaza District is trendy, known for its artsy vibe, local theaters, and boutiques.

Del City & Midwest City: Close-Knit Communities

Both suburbs are teeming with community activities. From local diners in Del City to the Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City, there’s always something happening here.

Edmond: Suburban Sophistication

Edmond’s upscale neighborhoods, recreational parks, and educational hubs like the University of Central Oklahoma mark its place as a sophisticated suburb.

The Cultural Confluence: El Reno, Guthrie, and Harrah

El Reno’s onion burgers are famous statewide. Guthrie, with its historic downtown, and Harrah, with its serene environment, showcase the cultural diversity surrounding OKC.

Jones & Langston: The Quiet Getaways

For those looking for quieter suburbs, Jones and Langston are perfect with their peaceful surroundings and community events.

Luther & Noble: Echoes of Tradition

Both suburbs echo tradition, be it through Luther’s famed farmers market or Noble’s rose rock festival.

Moore & Norman: Buzzing with Life

Moore offers modern amenities with its parks and shopping areas, while Norman hosts the University of Oklahoma, making it a lively college town.

Nichols Hills & The Village: Urban Retreats

Nichols Hills is the upscale urban retreat with sprawling estates, while The Village offers a mix of residential comfort with urban amenities.

Nicoma Park & Spencer: Nature’s Lap

Nature lovers would appreciate Nicoma Park for its beautiful landscapes and Spencer for its expansive Spencer Lake.

Oklahoma City: The Central Marvel

While not a suburb, Oklahoma City itself is the heartbeat, a blend of modern city life with historic neighborhoods and iconic monuments.

Piedmont & Purcell: Expansive Vistas

While Piedmont offers beautiful vistas, Purcell is often termed as the “Heart of Oklahoma” with its unique attractions.

Wellston & Tuttle: A Trip Down Memory Lane

With their rich history and local attractions, both these suburbs take one down memory lane.


The suburbs around Oklahoma City are as diverse as they are beautiful. Each offers its own flavor, history, and attractions. Whether you’re a resident, a traveler, or someone considering moving to the OKC area, there’s a suburb to fit every personality and preference.

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